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You never know who will be stopping by. The Blakehurst Aged Care Centre Lifestyle department is coordinated and led by a highly qualified team who understand the importance of providing variety on a daily basis.Bus outings run four times a week and range from shopping, sightseeing and events to picnics.There are many opportunities to socialise and connect with fellow residents and the surrounding community.“You are never too old”, is a motto the Blakehurst Aged Care Centre residents tend to embrace regularly.
Offering an onsite cinema has never made going to the movies so easy.Lifestyle officers enjoy spending one on one time with residents. Whether it is seafood by the sea or a trip to a favourite restaurant, our lifestyle team are only too happy to help residents lead a fulfilling lifestyle.Both sun and shade are in abundance amongst the grounds of the Blakehurst Aged Care Centre.Entertainment is of high priority on our activities calendar with a variety of performers visiting throughout the month.
The Blakehurst Aged Care Centre facility is designed to provide an effortless transition from indoors to out, allowing our residents the opportunity to make the most of a beautiful sunny day.Blakehurst Aged Care Centre encourages time outdoors with multiple courtyard areas available throughout the grounds of the facility.Blakehurst Aged Care Centre is surrounded by a variety of well established gardens and courtyard areas.Residents regularly enjoy gardening in the purpose built fruit and vegetable garden located conveniently within the grounds of the community.
A visit to the hair salon is one of those important small luxuries we all enjoy. With an onsite Hair and Beauty salon available, we are able to offer residents this service, within the comfort of their own home.Who doesn’t love a weekly catch up over coffee. Café Rayure is located onsite and offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a weekly trip to the local café without having to leave home.Enjoy the Blakehurst Aged Care Centre cinema, with leather recliners, ice cream and pop corn on demand.The enjoyment of a drink whilst taking in a movie, enjoying a delicious meal or attending an event is always available at Blakehurst Aged Care Centre.
Families are encouraged to join their loved ones for a meal at any time.We provide Physiotherapy led exercise classes five days a week, utilising a range of equipment in the Blakehurst Aged Care Centre gym.Classic Double RoomClassic Single Room
Deluxe RoomResidents can feel confident whilst exploring the surrounding community knowing there is always support close by. All Blakehurst Aged Care Centre bus outings are accompanied by a qualified aged care host.Bus excursions encourage residents to explore the community around them without the hassle of having to manage on their own.Premium Plus Room
Premium Room