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With multiple lounge and sitting areas available, it is not hard to find a quiet spot to enjoy a good book or a moment to read the daily newspaper.The IBIS Care pop up cafe provides residents and family members with the opportunity to enjoy a cafe style coffee catch up, three times per week.IBIS Care Miranda provide meals that meet optimal nutritional requirements - and taste delicious.When was the last time you enjoyed a delicious meal with friends? IBIS Care Miranda offers all of the creature comforts of home, minus the housework.
Encouraging social connection is regarded highly amongst the IBIS Care Miranda team members.Gardening is a popular past time at IBIS Care Miranda. Our green thumbed residents are given the opportunity to potter around the garden at their leisure.If you are looking for friendship you have come to the right place. Community spirit and connection can be found in abundance at IBIS Care Miranda. Conversation with a good friend is never far away.With multiple outdoor areas offering a comfortable place to sit and socialise, it is not hard to understand why our weekly happy hour session is a favourite activity amongst residents.
Residents love to dance. By offering multiple performers and enterainers throughout the month, residents are provided with the motivation to once again appreciate the music of their time.Boys Club. Our male residents are not forgotten when it comes to providing activities that compliment all interests. The Men's Group regularly enjoy visits to local venues and clubs to enjoy time with the boys.We never miss an opportunity to celebrate. Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year at IBIS Care Miranda.We offer that just like home feel by encouraging residents to get involved in decorating their rooms and surrounding areas, according to their personal tastes.
We enjoy many visits throughout the month from approved entertainers, animal services and creative providers.