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"Just over 3 years ago I arrived at IBIS Care Miranda for 2 months respite after which I asked if I could stay permanently - the best thing I ever did! I am looked after so well here I will never leave. The staff are wonderful and can’t do enough for us. The food is quite good and plenty of it. The rooms are comfortable - warm in winter and cool in summer (with a ceiling fan), and the cleanest home I’ve ever lived in."

"I have been at IBIS Care Miranda for 4 years. The executive manager and office manager are great, you can go to see them anytime if you have any problems and they will take care of it for you. The PC’s are lovely girls and a credit to IBIS Care. Our Leisure & Lifestyle girls keep us going with games which I love to take part in. Most of all I love the day trips that are organised for us, I wish we could have more! We have a new physiotherapist and he keeps us on our toes. He even arranged for some of us to enter the Sutherland to Surf this year - just a small part and lunch after, which we loved. The cleaners and our busy laundry lady do a wonderful job; and the kitchen staff are so very friendly. Our two sisters are there to listen to our problems and this makes it more home friendly. I must not forget our pet dog - Tiara. I often go out with my family but can’t wait to get back to my home IBIS Care Miranda."