An Unforgettable Performance – by the Miranda Choir

Once you hear them… they’re Unforgettable! The spirit of Christmas and the desire to share with others is alive and well. The 15-strong choir called The Unforgettables from Ibis Care Miranda have prepared all year and finally had their first performance at Ibis Care Blakehurst. Despite many set-backs and cancellations due to Covid, their perseverance […]

Celebrating Merle ~ 100 Years Young

Ibis Care Blakehurst Centurion

It was another momentous occasion as we celebrated the milestone 100th birthday of our wonderful Blakehurst resident Merle Salway. When questioned about her longevity Merle said “I have always lived a good life and believed that having a loving relationship was everything”. She is referring to her husband Gordon of course, but is still connected […]

A Stitch In Time ~ Connecting Generations

It’s a tradition that began hundreds of years ago and a skill that has been passed from generation to generation. Knitting, sewing and embroidery have long been recognised as effective way to boost mental health, provide stimulation and the sharing of experiences in a creative environment. Evidence also indicates that needlecraft can benefit dementia sufferers, […]

Meet Peter & Chris ~ The perfect match!

Attending a church service has always given fellow parishioners an opportunity to meet others and openly share their common beliefs. For Peter and Chris Richardson it was a meeting at church that would shape the rest of their lives in 1961. Blakehurst resident Peter, immigrated to Australia from North Yorkshire, England, in his early 20’s. […]