An Unforgettable Performance – by the Miranda Choir

Once you hear them… they’re Unforgettable! The spirit of Christmas and the desire to share with others is alive and well. The 15-strong choir called The Unforgettables from Ibis Care Miranda have prepared all year and finally had their first performance at Ibis Care Blakehurst. Despite many set-backs and cancellations due to Covid, their perseverance and passion won out.

On December 1st they arrived at Blakehurst to a capacity crowd, gathered in anticipation of a singing performance to inspire – they were not disappointed. The setting was designed with the best possible experience for the audience and the singers. A brief announcement was made to the audience before commencing with the singing performance. “Our hope is that when restrictions are lifted and guidelines allow, we can take our show on the road as it was designed to do earlier in the year. Our plan is to perform at the 2022 Seniors Festival during the March – April period.

The program guide indicated an initial performance of songs from The Sound of Music. It proved a master stroke for keeping the audience engaged and in their seats followed by much applause. The energy levels increased and there was plenty of chatter during a short break with refreshments. Then the traditional Christmas songs began. There was no prompting needed for the audience to sing along, as the entire audience joined in and transformed the room into a robust group of joyous voices.

Music and song has always had the power of bringing people together! It clearly has shown to have a positive effect and in some cases a healing effect on people of any age. After the performance the entire audience mingled with choir members sharing the experience. The words most heard were happy, feeling-free, joyous, spiritual and a natural high.

The evening was truly unforgettable!