Ibis Care Blakehurst Centurion

Celebrating Merle ~ 100 Years Young

It was another momentous occasion as we celebrated the milestone 100th birthday of our wonderful Blakehurst resident Merle Salway. When questioned about her longevity Merle said “I have always lived a good life and believed that having a loving relationship was everything”. She is referring to her husband Gordon of course, but is still connected with her sister-in-law, Marlene who also lives with us here at Ibis Care Blakehurst.

Ever youthful Merle enjoys socialising with other residents regularly and participating our engaging lifestyle activities programme. A picture tells the true story of living life to the fullest, even in your later years and Merle’s youthful appearance is testament to that. Merle said that her birthday celebration at the home was “extraordinary” and was genuinely surprised. When special mention was made of her parents who had passed on some extraordinary genes… Merle smiled and said “maybe they did… I‘d like to believe that”.