Meet Aron & Kylii ~ Our Wonderful Volunteers

Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteers, National Volunteer Week, is a time to celebrate the significant contribution of the 6 million volunteers across Australia who dedicate over 600 million hours to help others. Ibis Care Blakehurst has two such volunteers, Aron Wong and his wife Kylii and this is their story.

Aron was born in Hawaii and graduated from the same high school as Barack Obama. He completed his academics at Georgetown University, a prestigious school known for producing some of America’s greatest athletes and politicians. Currently Aron works as an Aged Care Consultant and is also Chair and Non-Executive Director on a number of boards. 

Kylii was born in Sydney and attended the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where she completed a Bachelor of Business Degree.  As a Strategic Advisor she has worked with many listed global companies across industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, mining, construction and is also a Non-Executive Director on several boards.

Together, Aron and Kylii have a shared belief in helping others. The couple were married in 2017 and currently live in Oatley. They also frequent Oatley Park which is an amazing hidden oasis of indigenous and local beauty. Many of our residents also visit this park on our regular bus outings and it is a wonderful, peaceful place.

Aron’s role as a professional Aged Care consultant has helped Aron gain first-hand knowledge of the facets to managing an aged care home. He has provided numerous consulting services to large and small aged care organisations throughout Australia and is an expert in this field. 

Kylii’s first visit to an aged care home was when she and Aron began volunteering several years ago, at a home on Sydney’s North Shore.  Since this time they moved to Oatley and soon discovered Ibis Care at Blakehurst.  It was during their initial tour of the home with our Lifestyle Manager, Alexandra Dias, that Aron and Kylii commented: “Alex, this really feels like home, it has a family-owned vibe which we haven’t experienced before.”  After the tour, Aron and Kylii said “we’d be grateful for the opportunity to visit the beautiful people in this home and spend time with them if they would have us.” 

When speaking to Aron and Kylii recently during Volunteer Week, they commented that “during our time at Blakehurst we’ve been deeply touched by the friendships we’ve made here and we’ll be forever humbled by this life changing experience.”  They also commented that “it’s heart-warming to experience the caring nature of the staff who truly care about the people they’re looking after. Please thank everyone at Blakehurst for their dedication and care.”