Meet Peter & Chris ~ The perfect match!

Attending a church service has always given fellow parishioners an opportunity to meet others and openly share their common beliefs. For Peter and Chris Richardson it was a meeting at church that would shape the rest of their lives in 1961. Blakehurst resident Peter, immigrated to Australia from North Yorkshire, England, in his early 20’s. He worked around Australia in the Snowy Mountains, South Australia, Northern Territory as a cattleman, lumberjack and gardener at Darwin Airport. Peter was also a great athlete, enjoying playing soccer and was an outstanding cross-country runner. He loved to play chess, read cowboy novels and recite poetry.

Peter’s wife Chris was born and raised in Hurstville, Sydney. Chris’s strong Christian faith lead her to work with pre-school children and, in particular, with abandoned and orphaned children. She was an avid piano player who loved music, reading books and completing crosswords. In her early 30’s, Chris accepted a role as a pre-school Director in Darwin. In 1961, while in Darwin, Chris became an active member at her local Baptist church where she met Peter. They had an instant attraction and their love blossomed each day they spent time together.

They married in 1963 and Chris maintained her role as a Director for pre-school children, also becoming an advocate for aboriginal rights and their cultural well-being, especially children. Peter was busy working for Qantas in 1965 and that year Chris delivered their first child, a healthy baby boy who they named David. Just over one year later, Chris gave birth to their second child, this time a beautiful daughter named Anthea.

After 5 years in Darwin their attention turned to Chris’s family concerns back in Sydney and they returned to Hurstville in 1971. Upon arriving back in Sydney, Peter transferred his role with Qantas where he provided essential support and equipment to Qantas engineers at Mascot. In 1973, Peter and Chris bought their home in Blakehurst on Cheddar Street where they settled and raised their family.

Peter and Chris are both residents at Ibis Care Blakehurst and still maintain their strong local community connections to this day.