Recognising Rhonda ~ 27 Years of Dedicated Care

Rhonda Phillips has been an aged care nurse at Ibis Care Blakehurst and Miranda for more than 27 years. One of our longest serving employees and known for her humble, caring and good-natured attitude, Rhonda will be dearly missed by residents and staff alike.

Rhonda’s dedication to caring for others was recognised recently with a farewell in celebration of her time at Ibis Care. During her 27 years, Rhonda has seen many changes to the industry and aged care environment, but the needs and care of residents has always come first for her.

Rhonda commenced her career as Recreational Activities Officer, later becoming a Nurse and also turned her hand to driving the Ibis Care bus to take residents on weekly outings. She began work at Ibis Blakehurst when she and her young family moved into a house around the corner. “My youngest son was six then and my older children took him to school across the road. He’s now 34”, she said.

Rhonda said she was retiring because she thought ‘it was time’. “Once you turn 70, you’re 80 before you know it and then you’re 90. I’m not complaining about getting old, but I wanted to have more time to do stuff”, she said. “I will miss the residents the most and I intend on popping in every so often”, Rhonda said.

We will all remember Rhonda for her dedication to enhancing the lives of our residents and wonderful fun-loving, caring nature. We will miss her dearly but wish Rhonda all the best in her retirement. Thank you!