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Ibis Care provide residential aged care accommodation and independent retirement living options to Sydney’s St George and Sutherland Shire communities.

Ibis Care Locations

Ibis Care residential aged care home Blakehurst
Residential Aged Care Home
Ibis Care independent living retirement units villas
Independent Living Villas
Ibis care aged care home Miranda
Residential Aged Care Home
Ibis Care aged care Mortdale Ferndale Gardens
Residential Aged Care Home
Ibis Care aged care home Bexley courtyard
Residential Aged Care Home
Residential Aged Care Home

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We are Ibis Care

Since 2006, Ibis Care has been a reliable provider of accommodation and self-sufficient retirement residences in the St George and Sutherland Shire areas.

Our four inviting aged care facilities, optimally situated in Blakehurst, Miranda, Mortdale, Kirrawee and Bexley, offer easy connectivity to public transportation, shopping centres, recreational clubs, leafy green parks, and both public and private hospitals. 

For individuals seeking a modern, easy-to-maintain home within the safety and camaraderie of a community, Ibis Care’s Blakehurst Villas offer luxurious and roomy independent living units.

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Residential Aged Care

Ibis Care offers living solutions, assistance, and support for individuals who are no longer able to reside at their homes. We ensure our services are reasonably priced to accommodate everyone in the local community.

Respite Aged Care

Respite Care represents a temporary accommodation solution for the elderly, designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment. This type of care is particularly beneficial for short-term stays, offering a setting where residents can thrive under the watchful and professional supervision of specialised nursing staff. 

To learn more or start your application speak with our friendly team by calling 02 8080 3850 or complete the online enquiry form.

ibis Care residential aged care Sydney
Ibis Care independent living retirement units villas

Independent Living

Embrace the independence you want to retain, while not having the burden of maintaining a large home or garden. 

Retirement is when you want to relax and enjoy yourself, so our focus is on letting you make the most of an independent lifestyle supported by great amenities, help if you need it and plenty of opportunities to socialise whenever you choose.

Our independent living villas at in the leafy suburb of Blakehurst offer rooms that allow for the flexibility of moving to a villa individually or as a couple.

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