Residential Aged Care

Support for those who can no longer live at home.

Living with Ibis Care​

We understand how overwhelming it can be to move into residential care, when living at home is no longer an option. Whether you choose our Blakehurst or Miranda homes, you will always be supported with respect, integrity and choice. Making our homes your new home means having 24 hour dedicated expert care, whilst still maintaining your local community connections and all the things you enjoy. We focus on what’s important to you so you can continue to live a happy and fulfilling life in your new home.

aged care

Individualised care planning

We respect your individuality and offer a range of activities and services to support you to live the life you want. Your beliefs, your experiences and your passions – they are an important part of you and what make you unique. Both of our aged care residences offer a range of affordable care options including Commonwealth funding. Working with you and your family, we will develop an individual care plan to match your specific requirements. And because we offer a wide range of aged care services, it’s nice to know that if your needs should change in the future, you can continue receiving excellent, specialist care in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

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Exceptional, caring &
compassionate staff

At Ibis Care we only employ the most highly-qualified medical and care staff, and we have leading professionals on hand 24 hours a day. Through our passionate, kind and qualified staff, we provide flexible and responsive services tailored to your personal needs. All care plans are regularly reviewed to ensure we continue to provide the right support as your care needs change.

Our engaging lifestyle program

We run a bustling leisure and lifestyle program to cater for varying needs, interests and mobility. From art classes to exercise sessions, Zumba, board games, gardening, craft groups, entertainment, bingo or bus outings, our activities are designed to help our residents remain physically, mentally and socially active. Residents can choose to be as active or relaxed as they like. It’s all about choice at Ibis Care. Click here to view a sample of our Lifestyle Activities Calendar.

Nutritious, home style meals

We understand how important nutritious and wholesome food is – that’s why we have qualified chefs, cooks and catering teams in our homes who cook on-site to deliver balanced, quality meals to each and every one of our residents. Fresh seasonal ingredients are used to create beautiful dishes as well as everyone’s favourite comfort foods.


Memory support services

Ibis Care provide targeted services, specialised staff and facilities to support residents living with dementia. People living with dementia experience symptoms that may affect their memory, thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities. Through our dementia care model, we provide tailored programs to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. These programs include meaningful engagement and sensory activities designed to promote choice, and help residents live the best life possible.  

Ageing in place

As you grow older, your care needs may change over time. Our homes both offer ‘ageing in place’, meaning you can continue to receive continuity of care without the need to move to another residence as your care needs increase. However, if the environment is no longer appropriate to ensure your wellbeing, we will consult with you and your family to consider other options that may be more suitable for your needs.