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Welcome To IBIS Aged Care

The IBIS Care Group is an experienced provider of aged care services since 2006. Our facilities include high care, low care and extra services beds, as well as independent living units.

IBIS Care Miranda (formally known as IBIS Big Sister Hostel) was originally built in two stages in 1975 and 1991 close to Sutherland Hospital and Kareena Private Hospital.  IBIS Blakehurst Aged Care was built in two stages in 2005 and 2007 and is located close to the St George Private and St George Hospital.

Both these aged care facilities are highly regarded providers of aged care services to the local communities.

Philosophy, Vision, Values & Guiding Principle

The IBIS Care statements:

Effective Aged Care requires a commitment to innovation and leadership to attract and retain quality people who care.

Expand IBIS Care as a leading and preferred provider in Aged Care services that meets the needs of its resident’s community and sponsors.

Respect, Innovation, People, Team Work, Professionalism, Systems.

Guiding Principle
IBIS Care focus is on resident’s enjoyment, their safety, independence, care, and comfort.